Past Rectors of St Michael's

The Parish is indebted to the late E.W.P. Moriarty OBE, the Archivist of the Salisbury Diocese, and the Bodleian Library, Oxford for their assistance in compiling this information.

The following is a photo slideshow of past Rectors taken from photographs that can be seen within the cloister area of the church.

To view the photographs just click on any one and follow the buttons from there.

Below the photographs is a full list of past Rectors with their dates of office and other information where appropriate.

Name Title From Notes
The Abbot & Brethren of Reading Abbey were responsible for serving the Parish from A.D. 1189 until the Dissolution in A.D. 1539. 1189 At first the Parish was in the Diocese of Lincoln. Later it passed to Salisbury and finally to Oxford.
Between 1189 and 1574 it is unclear who was the incumbent. Some records indicate that only Curates were in charge. Many arguments ensued between the locals such as Sir Peter Van Lore and others as to who owned the Advowson and consequently who was put forward to be the Vicar or Rector. Extensive research has been undertaken through the archives at the local and national level and we are confident that the names below represent the true record of the living in Tylehurst.
Notes: in officio obit means that the person depicted died whilst in office.
John Radley Vicar 1574  
John Wharton Vicar 1584 in officio obit
John Leaver Vicar 1584  
John Gravett Rector 1613 in officio obit - Was also Rector of St Andrew, Bradfield and was buried there on the 19th July 1613
John Bowle Rector 1613 in officio obit - Later Bishop of Rochester. Died 9th Oct 1637. Buried in St Pauls Cathedral also Dean of Sailisbury 1620-1629
John Littleton Rector 1638  
Simon Lowth Rector 1660 in officio obit - Buried at St Michaels 21st June 1679 - quite possibly inside the church.
Samuel Norris Rector 1680 in officio obit - Buried in the chancel 27th March 1711 - his tomb was uncovered during the restoration work in 2012.
Thomas Walker Rector 1711 in officio obit
Thomas Walker Rector 1743  
Thomas Walker Rector 1769  
Richard Chandler Rector 1799 in officio obit - Traveller, author & archaeologist. Died 09/02/1810.
Martin Joseph Routh Rector 1810 President of Magdalen College, Oxford 1791-1854. Born:18 Sep 1755 Died: 22 Dec 1854 Buried: Queens College Chapel, Oxford.
John William Routh Rector 1855 Nephew of M.J.Routh.
Henry Richard Cooper-Smith Rector 1905  
Francis Gordon Sherwood Rector 1934  
Oliver Dudley Harvey Rector 1953  
Peter de la Poer Beresford-Peirse Rector 1962  
George Lanyon Hacker Rector 1971 Later Bishop of Penrith.
John Sefton Tilston Rector 1980 in officio obit - 1984
David Raymond Russell Seymour Priest-in-charge 1984  
Clive Morlais Peter Jones Rector 1985  
Frederick William Dawson Rector 1994 Until 15/05/2007.
John Arthur Rogers Rector 2007 Inducted on 21/12/2007.

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