Church Pew Notices and Other Events

Electronic St Michael's

You can keep in touch and up to date with church activities by reading current Pew Notices

You will need the Adobe PDF reader (which is free of charge from in order to read the Pew Notices

Why not sign up to receive Pew Notices via email ?

By providing the notices electronically we can save paper as part of our stewardship of the planet. Paper versions will still be available, but in reduced numbers for those who do not have e-mail or prefer to have a copy provided in the normal way.

The forms are available in church for you to sign up or you can download a copy and send it either via email or hand it in to the Parish Office to join in.

When you want to download a copy please select the item and choose 'Save As' from the drop down list. Save the file to your local PC and then print it from there as a normal document.

The address we use is :

We are always looking at ways enabling people to keep in touch, so please feel free to your ideas to me, and I look forward to signing you all up.

Please be assured that we DO NOT use any email address we have on file for any other purpose other than Church notices.

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