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PCC Minutes

This section of the page enables the minutes of recent meetings of the Parochial Church Council (P.C.C.) to be viewed or downloaded. Click on one of the lines below to view the chosen minutes.

Only formally-approved minutes are provided on this website. Since the minutes of a PCC meeting are approved at the following meeting, this means that there is inevitably a time delay of a couple of months before the document is available to download.

Commercially-sensitive information contained in any PCC minutes is removed before publication.

The documents are all in Adobe PDF format. (To view the document you will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader on your PC. This can be downloaded free from To download the document, either click on the link to view and then save the document, or you can right-click on the link and choose "Save Target As..."

List of PCC Minutes - (updated 09/09/2016)

  1. PCC meeting of 19th July 2016
  2. PCC meeting of 31st May 2016
  3. PCC meeting of 18th April 2016
  4. PCC meeting of 29th March 2016
  5. PCC meeting of 1st March 2016 - Finance Only
  6. PCC meeting of 8th February 2016
  7. PCC meeting of 18th January 2016
  8. PCC meeting of 1st December 2015
  9. PCC meeting of 3rd November 2015
  10. PCC meeting of 22 September 2015
  11. PCC meeting of 28th July 2015
  12. PCC Extra Ordinary Meeting of the 2nd July 2015
  13. PCC meeting of 8th June 2015
  14. PCC meeting of 28th April 2015
  15. PCC meeting of 23rd March 2015
  16. PCC Finance meeting of 2nd March 2015
  17. PCC meeting of 17th February 2015
  18. PCC meeting of 12th January 2015
  19. PCC meeting of 25th November 2014
  20. PCC meeting of 21st October 2014
  21. PCC meeting of 22nd September 2014
  22. PCC Extra Ordinary Meeting of 24th August 2014
  23. PCC meeting of 22nd July 2014
  24. PCC meeting of 2nd June 2014
  25. PCC Finance meeting of 7th April 2014
  26. PCC meeting of 24th March 2014
  27. PCC meeting of 17th February 2014
  28. PCC meeting of 14th January 2014


Parish Profile

During 2007, St Michael's Church successfully sought a new Rector. As part of this process, a profile of the parish was prepared by the Parochial Church Council and was approved by the Bishop of Reading.

The document was originally published for the information of potential candidates.

You can read the Parish Profile here.



Outreach Committee

The remit is to raise awareness of the needs of the world to the Church and Parish, to act as a link between churches and the local community, to recommend wise allocations of mission giving and to look out into the community and beyond for ways to spread God's love

Our approach to outreach describes how we, in St Michael's, Tilehurst, communicate our Christian faith - both to those who come through our doors and to those who may never have been inside a church.

We believe that outreach is the responsibility of everyone. The statement of our purpose describes our aims and objectives.

We have used the three-part structure of the statement to help organise the many things that we do through St Michael's to reach out to people at different stages of life.


  • At Home - within St Michael's, for those who already worship here.
  • With Friends - for fellow believers, within Tilehurst and Reading in particular.
  • In the Community - reaching out to those enquirers and non-believers both within and beyond our parish boundary.


Broken down into what St Michael's should be/is doing for people at the following four stages of life:

  • Youth.
  • Young Families.
  • Working People.
  • Retired, and
  • General - activities which apply to those of any age or social situation.

The matrix of all these activities is given below. The items in bold text are activities which are not currently being organised, but which have been identified as activities that should be progressed.

Matrix of St Michael's activities

At Home With Friends In the Community
  • Sparks (Leaders)
  • Dynamos (Leaders)
  • Christingle (Rector & Ministry Committee)
  • Children's Choir (Choirmaster)
  • Young people taking services (Rector & Youth Co-ordinator)
  • Rock Masses (Rector & Youth Co-ordinator)
  • Dynamos monthly meetings with other churches + Rock Masses (Leaders)
  • Paid youth leader [perhaps with other Tilehurst churches, to share cost and spread benefit] (Rector & 'Churches Together in Tilehurst')
  • Wearing T-shirts
  • Supporting uniformed organisations through (a) providing use of church hall at competitive rates, and (b) involvement in special Services
  • Contacts with schools (Rector and School liaison member)
Y O U N G   F A M I L I E S
At HomeWith FriendsIn the Community
  • Christmas Services (Rector & Ministry Cttee)
  • Non-Eucharistic Family Service (Rector & Ministry Committee)
  • Provision of baptisms & appropriate follow up [opportunity for greater collaboration across Tilehurst] (Rector, Ministry Committee & Baptism Groups)
  • Mothering Sunday service in the Triangle (Ministry Committee)
  • Supporting front-line work wherever occurring (PCC to consider if, and how, to support)
W O R K I N G   P E O P L E
At HomeWith FriendsIn the Community
  • Marriage preparation (Leaders)
  • House groups esp. Bethany & New Lane Hill
  •  - 
  • Knocking on doors to make contact with new people (Stewardship Committee)
T H E   R E T I R E D
At HomeWith FriendsIn the Community
  • Wednesday Morning Services (Rector & Ministry Committee)
  • Mothers' Union (MU Committee)
  • Encouraging community use of Church Hall at competitive rates (Finance Committee)
  • Pastoral Visitors (Pastoral Visitors)
  • Encouraging community use of Church Hall at competitive rates (Finance Committee)
At HomeWith FriendsIn the Community
  • Regular Sunday Services
  • House Groups (Miscellaneous)
  • Area Contacts (Stewardship Committee)
  • Special Events (Events Committee)
  • Bell ringing (Tower Captain & Bell ringers)
  • Confirmation Classes [opportunity for greater collaboration across Tilehurst] (Rector & Ministry Committee)
  • Regular Taizé (Ministry Committee)
  • Supporting The Link Christian coffee shop
  • One or two specified projects/charities within Reading area which St Michael's will support (Stewardship Committee)
  • Annual Bereavement Service (Rector & Ministry Committee)
  • One or two specified projects/charities worldwide which St Michael's will support (Stewardship Committee)
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Stewardship Committee

Stewardship Committee

The role of the Stewardship Committee is to promote the concept of Christian Stewardship in St Michael's and to consider and recommend to the PCC any such action as will assist this process.

In particular there is a need to focus on the longer term needs of St Michael's to allow the PCC to plan further ahead.

It is stressed that responsibility for the Church's income is not seen as the remit of the Stewardship Committee alone and that good communication and understanding between the various committees remains a priority.

Christian Stewardship is a response we all make to God to thank Him for all He has given us. We regard our lives, our powers and possessions as gifts from God, to be enjoyed and used in His service and to meet the needs of all mankind.

We seek to be stewards of the Gospel and to share in Christ's mission to the world.

We seek to be stewards of our planet and be mindful in how we use the earth's resources.

We seek to give financially according to our means through the Christian Stewardship planned giving scheme to support God's work.

We offer to God all that we give, whether it be time, talents or financial support, and we pray that it will be acceptable to Him.

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Fabric Committee

Fabric Committee

The Fabric Committee remit is to consider and make recommendations to the PCC on matters relating to the structure, fixtures, fittings and furnishings of the Church Buildings, Church Hall, Tilston Lodge and the Lychgate

This includes the quinquennial report requirements, risk management, heating, lighting, electrical power, plumbing and sound system.

Under the direction of the PCC, to arrange for maintenance, replacement, repair, decoration and cleaning.

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Ministry Team

Fabric Committee

The Ministry Team co-ordinates services at St Michael's.

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Pastoral Visiting Team

Pastoral Headstone

The Pastoral Visiting Team co-ordinates pastoral visiting within the parish and now gives support to the bereaved.

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Standing Committee

Fabric Committee

The Standing Committee is the only statutory committee which posses the power to transact the business of the Council between meetings, subject to directions from the PCC.

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