Funerals at St Michael's Church

Graveyard Headstone
When someone you love has died, it is a time of sadness and pain.
The Church is here to help you through your bereavement.
Please be assured of our thoughts and prayers.

A funeral can be either by burial or by cremation. You can organise it with or without the help of a funeral director, and personalise it as much as you wish. In some cases the deceased may have planned their own funeral in advance.


Remember to check the deceased's will or other written instructions for special wishes about their funeral or what should happen to their body. (However, the executor doesn't have to follow the instructions about the funeral left in the will.)

If there are no clear wishes, it's generally up to the executor/administrator or nearest relative to decide if the body will be cremated or buried.

The only legal requirement in the UK for funerals is the death must be certified and registered and the body must be buried or cremated.

Should you wish to discuss arrangements for a funeral service in St Michael's Church or organise a burial or internment of ashes in the churchyard then we ask that you contact the Parish Office in the first instance.

Arrangements will then be made for the Rector to contact you and discuss your requirements in more detail.

At a time loss St Michael's is ready to offer you as much support as it can to help you through the days and weeks beyond the funeral


Once the funeral and burial is over thoughts turn to headstones and lasting memorials to your loved ones.

Everything in a churchyard, from the memorial stones to the trees and shrubs, should be a matter for care and consideration.

All parishioners who take a real interest in their churchyard and its surroundings will naturally wish it to be a place of beauty.

Churchyards have been regarded from their inception as 'God's acre' and there are certain regulations laid down in law as to what can and cannot be placed in a churchyard and these are defined in the booklet called Churchyard Regulations (2016) which you can download here or obtain a copy from the Parish Office.

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