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Christmas Eve See Poster Christmas Services at St Michael's

Previous Events: November 2015

Victorian Christmas Market - All the fun of the fair with Father Christmas, the Church Choir singing seasonal carols and lots of stalls selling all manner of useful items for the Christmas period and beyond.

The collage of photos below show (taken by Jan Rogers) some of the activities during the event.

Victorian Christmas Market 2015
Victorian Christmas Market 2015

Previous Events: July 2015

Rectory BBQ - 2015 - The weather held fair after the previous days downpour and as the sun shone the Rectory garden was prepared for the arrival of the visitors.

The photos below show some of the activities during the event.

Rectory BBQ 2015
Rectory BBQ 2015
Rectory BBQ 2015

MU Coffee Morning - 21st July 2015 - Another fine gathering in the Rectory garden for the Mothers' Union.

MU Coffee Morning 2015
MU Coffee Morning 2015

Previous Events: May 2015

Medieval Fayre - 2015 - After last years success it was decided to have another Medieval Fayre in and around the Church. The weather turned out to be very pleasant albeit with a strongish wind that played havoc with the stalls signage.... and at one point the callers notes for the square dancing which went in all directions (and so did the dancers !!!!). All the usual items were on sale and the cream teas were well received in the Morlais Room. A wonderful sum of approximately £2,000 was raised for Church Funds.

The photos below show some of the activities during the event.

Medieval Fayre 2015 Knit and Natter Crafts
Knit and Natter Crafts
Medieval Fayre 2015 Crafts
Knit and Natter Crafts
Medieval Fayre 2015 Jewellery
Medieval Fayre 2015 Square Dancing
Square Dancing
Medieval Fayre 2015 Square Dancing
Square Dancing
Medieval Fayre 2015 Square Dancing
Square Dancing
Medieval Fayre 2015 Locked in the Tower?
Locked in the Tower?
Medieval Fayre 2015 Old Mother Hubbard?
Old Mother Hubbard?
Medieval Fayre 2015 Soaking the Rector
The Rector gets a soak
Medieval Fayre 2015 Face and Arm Painting
Face and Arm Painting
Medieval Fayre 2015 Books
James gets his nose in a good book?
Medieval Fayre 2015 Whose getting soaked then/
Someones getting wet?
Medieval Fayre 2015 Name that Bear
Name that Bear!
Medieval Fayre 2015 Garden Plants
Garden Plants.
Medieval Fayre 2015 Gifts
The Gift Stall
Medieval Fayre 2015 Cakes
Cakes anyone?

Previous Events: November 2014

Breadline Africa - 2014 - Carol and Doug Aspinal arrive in South Africa with a very large consignment of knitted garments from St Michael's nimble knitters just two days after they were blessed in our Church by the Rector at the Sunday service

Breadline Africa November 2014

Pictured: Doug, and Carol Aspinal with Edna Titus of Breadline Africa

Christmas Market - 2014 - A lively event with Father Christmas, the Church Choir singing seasonal carols and lots of stalls selling all manner of useful items for the Christmas period and beyond.

All photos were taken by Chris Johnson

Christmas Market Hamper raffle Christmas Market cake weight raffle Christmas Market Choir
Christmas Market Bath and Beauty Christmas Market blow ups Christmas Market Handicrafts
Christmas Market Jewellery Christmas Market Preserves Christmas Market Puzzles
Christmas Market Train Stop Christmas Market Father Christmas Christmas Market Tombola

Previous Events: September 2014

Flower Festival September - 2014 - This year is the celebration of the 825th anniversay of the Church so a traditional Flower Festival was held on Patronal weekend.

The photos below show some of the flower arrangments on display.

All photos were taken by Rosa Bardwell

BBC Radio Interview
825th Celebrations - 26th, 27th and 28th September 2014

Flower Festival 2014 Interviews Eileen White and Glenis Kerr-Elliott about the 825th Celebrations.

Interviews Jackie Chappell re the weekly lunches.

Interviews the Rector, John Rogers about the restoration and the Church.

Interviews the Rector, John Rogers re his life and introduction to the ministry.
Flower Festival 2014Flower Festival 2014Flower Festival 2014
Flower Festival 2014Flower Festival 2014Flower Festival 2014
Flower Festival 2014Flower Festival 2014Flower Festival 2014
Flower Festival 2014Flower Festival 2014Flower Festival 2014

Previous Events: May 2014

Medieval Fayre - 2014 - This year is the celebration of the 825th anniversay of the Church so a Medieval Fayre was arranged. The sun shone brilliantly for the whole day and much fun and laughter was had by all who attended. This was especially true when the Rector got thouroughly soaked in the stocks by all his parishioners. Many visitors took the opportunity of visiting the bell tower and had a go at ringing a bell. The Knit and Natter group had a stall selling their hand made crafts and knitted garments and the usual cake stall did a roaring trade. Those who could dressed up for the occaision in medieval costume. A lot of effort went into arranging the day and some £1,700 was raised towards Church funds. Thanks to all who helped and attended the event.

The photos below show some of the activities during the event.

Medieval Fayre 2014 Cakes
Cake Stall
Medieval Fayre 2014 Crafts
Knit and Natter Crafts
Medieval Fayre 2014 Serving Wenches
Serving Wenches
Medieval Fayre 2014 Royalty
Royalty Arrives?
Medieval Fayre 2014 The Organiser
The Organiser
Medieval Fayre 2014 More Royalty Arrives
More Royalty Arrives
Medieval Fayre 2014 Parlour Maids
Parlour Maids?
Medieval Fayre 2014 The Rector
The Rector gets a soak
Medieval Fayre 2014 Skullery Maid
Scullery Maid?
Medieval Fayre 2014 Budding Ringer
A budding new Ringer?
Medieval Fayre 2014 Cake Stall
Cakes nearly all gone
Medieval Fayre 2014 Parlour Maids
Parlour Maids?
Medieval Fayre 2014 Tea Ladies
Tea Ladies
Medieval Fayre 2014 Soaking The Rector
The Rector gets a soak from his wife!
Medieval Fayre 2014 Soaking the Stocks Man
Stocks man gets a soak from his wife!

Previous Events: May 2014

Special Peal of the Church Bells - Jo Druce, who has been the Captain of Bells at St Michael's for well over 20 years recently celebrated her 100th Peal of Church Bells

To mark the occasion she chose the method called Tilehurst Surprise Major which has not been rung as a full peal at St Michael's since 1938.

The band of ringers she chose was from past and present St Michael's ringers and the event took place on Sunday the 11th May 2014. The Peal lasted for 2 hours 50 minutes.

Many congratulations to Jo and the other ringers for completing this challenge in the 825th year of our Church.

Several milestones were reached by this Peal. Jo scored here 100th Peal, Sarah Ewbank scored her 150th Peal, John and June Wells scored their 850th Peal together, and for Joanna Knight, Colin Newman and Sarah Ewbank it was the first time they had rung the method which is a significant achievement for a Peal attempt.

Jo would like to dedicate this peal to all Tilehurst Ringers, past and present, especially Jane Antoniou, Rosalind Knight, Daphne Howcutt, Gordon Runham & Donald H A Drayton.

Jo Druce 100th Peal
L/R Jo Druce, Sarah Ewbank, June Wells,
Giles Winter, Jo Knight, Stephen Smith, John Wells, Colin Newman
Jo Druce Peal Board
Peal Board

Previous Events: November 2013

Christmas Market - 2013 - A packed evening at the Church Hall where the sale of all sorts of crafts, cakes, candles, mugs and the traditional tombola and raffles took place. Guess the name of the Elephant as well as guess the weight of the cake were well received and supported. Father Christmas made an appearance and the Church Choir sang some traditional Christmas themed songs. A great big thank you to all the helpers and supporters for this event which looks like breaking the £2,000 barrier......

Christmas Market Handicrafts
Christmas Market 2013 Cakes
Christmas Market 2013 Father Christmas
Father Christmas
Christmas Market 2013 Puzzles
Christmas Market 2013 Raffle Table
Main Raffle Table
Christmas Market 2013 Setting up
Setting Up
Christmas Market 2013 name the Elephant
Name the Elephant
Christmas Market 2013 the Church Choir
The Church Choir about to sing.
Christmas Market 2013 kitchen staff
Kitchen staff hard at work.
Christmas Market 2013 the Rector and his wife
The Rector and his wife.
Christmas Market 2013 waiting for the rush
Handicrafts waiting for the rush.
Christmas Market 2013 the people start arriving
The people start arriving.

Previous Events: October 2013

Skittles in the Church Hall - A new event for St Michaels this year. Thanks to the 1st Mortimer BP Scouts who lent us their portable indoor skittles alley for the evening we all enjoyed a splendid game in the Church hall along with a supper of baked potatos, beans and sausages. The Rector joined in the fun and these photos show some of the participants. Overall the event raised some £375 towards the Roof Appeal.

The gathering of the teams The Skittles alley First things first then
The Game gets serious Messing about
Just one skittle to go The Rector has a go Churchwarden Rosa about to bowl

Previous Events: September 2013

Last Night of the Proms - 2013 - An enjoyable rousing evening with all the traditional signing of Rule Britannia and Jerusalem to celebrate the Last Night of the Proms was held in St Michael's Church Hall. Special cakes were prepared by Jackie Chappell in the form of Union Jacks.

Union Jack Cakes Last Night of the Proms

Knit and Natter Group - Every Wednesday afternoon we meet for a knit and natter session in the Morlais room. No special skills are required as we all help each other with knitting or craft making to support Breadline Africa and the Church in general. The pictures show some of the items we have made over the last few months. All are welcome to join in the fun, have a good natter and make things at the same time.

Knit and Natter items Knit and Natter items for Breadline Africa Knit and Natter items

Bell Ringers Striking Competition - St Michael's Bell Ringers recently entered the Reading Branch of the Oxford Diocesan Guiild of Church Bell Ringers 6 Bell Striking Competition held at St Mary, Shinfield and came first out of 6 teams competing. They now go forward to represent the Reading Branch in the Guild competition that takes place in October this year.

St Michaels Bell Ringers - Winners
L/R:- Jo Knight, Jo Druce, Chris Johnson, Giles Winter, Colin Cairns, Colin Newman

Previous Events: April 2013 - Spring Fair

St Michael's Spring Fair - 2013 - BEFORE THE EVENT OPENED..... Some of the stalls and people who came to support the Spring Fair in aid of the Church Roof Appeal.

Spring FairBarbecue Spring Fair Cakes Spring Fair Mugs
Spring Fair Entrance Raffle Spring Fair Puzzles Spring Fair Name The Sheep
Spring Fair Contestant Spring Fair Mrs Organiser Spring Fair Jewellery
Spring Fair Name The Clergy Spring Fair Cream Teas Spring Fair Name The Bear Winner
Spring Fair Tombola Spring Fair Jam PotsSpring Fair Easter Bonnets

Previous Events: February - 2013

Carole and Douglas Aspinall visit Cape Town and Breadline Africa - And visit the Library Container that St Michael's has helped to fund.

The Library Container Delivery the knitted garments The Container Library inside

Carole and Douglas Aspinal were kind enough to take a number of bags of knitted items from the St Michael's nimble knitters to Breadline Africa in Cape Town. The container that St Michael's has helped fund is now in place and has been designated as a library. Unfortunately, whilst the library is in place, there is now a shortage of books to fill the shelves. If you have any books suitable for children up to age 12 and would like to donate them, please speak to Doug or Carole.

Children with our knitting Children with our knitting Children with our knitting
Children with our knitting Children with our knitting

Above are photographs of some of the children who have received the knitted items we have sent to Breadline Africa,

Previous Events: October - Harvest 2012

St Michael's Harvest Festival - 2012 - Some of the flower arrangements in the Church before the services.

Harvest 2012 Harvest 2012 Harvest 2012 Harvest 2012
Harvest 2012 Harvest 2012

Previous Events: Jubilee Celerations - June 2012

Jubilee icon

St Michael's Bell Ringers At the end of a full peal (5040 changes) in 3 hours 9 minutes in joyful celebration of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth IIs diamond jubilee.

Peal Ringers
From left to right: David Bardwell, Jo Druce, Jo Shepherd, Colin Cairns, Giles Winter, Rosa Bardwell, Chris Johnson, Eunice Wark.

This was the first full peal by a local Tilehurst band since 1994 and the very first Peal for Chris Johnson.

St Michael's Royal Tea Party held in the Church Hall was an enjoyable event.

Jubilee Chef Jubilee Cake Jubilee Party

Previous Events: Christmas 2011

Preparing the Church for the Christmas season A picture display of the flower arrangers and the specially made Christmas banners.

Christmas Banner Cristmas Banner Christmas Banner Christmas Banner
 Christmas Flowers 2011  Christmas Flowers 2011 Christmas Flowers 2011 Christmas Flowers 2011

Previous Events: September 2011

Harvest Celebration - 25th September 2011: St Michael's welcomed the Right Reverend Andrew Proud, Bishop of Reading who led our service of celebration.

Harvest Wheat The Right Reverend Andrew Proud, Bishop of Reading Harvest field
The Right Reverend Andrew Proud, Bishop of Reading

Churchwardens Harvest 2011 The Church Choir Harvest 2011 The Church Choir Harvest 2011 The Church Choir Harvest 2011
The procession led by the Church choir, the Rector and the Churchwardens.

After the service there was a Parish Lunch in the Morlais room where 50 lucky parishioners and the Bishop tucked in to a hearty traditional sunday lunch of roast pork and all the trimmings followed by a fresh fruit salad. Once again the culinary expertise of Jackie Chappell and her team were excellent as usual.

The Church was once again adorned with the Harvest banners inspired by Marie-Teresa Harvey and they gave the whole church a vivid display of colour. In every corner and crevice of the Church were the many tins of meat, stews, coffee etc that had been donated by parishioners for the Churches in Reading Drop In Centre (CiRDC)

Harvest Banner 2011 Harvest Banner 2011 2011 Harvest Banner 2011 Harvest Banner 2011
Harvest Tins 2011 Harvest Tins 2011 2011 Harvest Tins 2011 Harvest Tins 2011

Previous Events: July 2011

Mothers' Union Evening Walk -18th July: The Mothers'Union evening walk took place around the lake near the Fox and Hounds pub in Theale. Although the weather was not too kind to those that took part a good time was had by all in the Pub later on!

MU Evening Walk 2011 MU Evening Walk 2011 MU Evening Walk 2011

Mothers' Union Coffee Morning - 19th July: The Rectory garden was the location for the 2011 Mothers' Union Coffee Morning. Sunny weather and fine company and all the MU knitters were available for some of these photos.

MU Coffee Morning 2011 MU Coffee Morining 2011 MU Coffee Morning 2011

Parish BBQ - 30th July: The Rector hosted this event in the Rectory Garden. Three sets of cooks made sure that everyone got something from the menu - even Digby, the Rectors dog could be heard barking for more!!!!.

Everyone enjoyed the event - some of the bellringers having just returned from a trip to the Channel Islands came along to show off their suntans!!.

Parish BBQ 2011 Parish BBQ 2011 Parish BBQ 2011 Parish BBQ 2011 Parish BBQ 2011 Parish BBQ 2011 Parish BBQ 2011 Parish BBQ 2011 Parish BBQ 2011

Previous Events: June 2011

Confirmation at St Catherines -12th June: A number of young people were confirmed by the Bishop Of Reading at St Catherine's, Tilehurst.

Confirmations 2011

The Big Lunch - 5th June:The Big Lunch took place in the Morlais room and was part of a nationwide event aimed at getting the community together. This was a forerunner to next years event when it will be held to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.Over 40 people joined in the fun and enjoyed an excellent meal. Many thanks to Jackie and Dianne (and anyone else who helped in any way) for their hard work in preparing the food and setting a fine table.

The Big Lunch 2011 The Big Lunch 2011 The Big Lunch 2011

Previous Events: May 2011

Quiz Night - 14th May All agreed this was a rip roaring success. The Questions were set by "The Rolleys" (Claire and Tony that is) and was on a Royal theme in keeping with the times. The Morlais room was packed and were duly fed with a fish and chip supper. The teams were evenly matched throughout but some were undone by the round on "The King" of pop questions and lost points for incorrect answers. The evening finished with "The Wisest Fools", led by Sally Cairns, narrowly beating "Cambridge Royal", led by Jo Druce, to become the winners.

Quiz Night 2011 Quiz Night 2011 Quiz Night 2011

Previous Events: April 2011

Royal Wedding Tea Party Celebrating the Royal Wedding at the Tea Party in St Michael's Church Hall on the 29th April 2011. Everyone enjoyed the atmosphere and tea.

Royal Wedding Tea Party Royal Wedding Tea Party Royal Wedding Tea Party

Lent Lunches: This years Lent Lunches were a resounding success. Several times more table places had to be laid as parishioners turned up in good numbers. This year we were supporting Breadline Africa and some £900 was raised for this charity. Many thanks to all who came and supported these lunches.

Lent Lunches 2011 Lent Lunches 2011 Lent Lunches 2011

Church Cleaning: Over 30 people turned up this year to help clean the Church from top to bottom. A great effort all round. Many cobwebs were removed and rather a lot of chewing gum stuck to the floor between the pews and underneath the pews themselves. The pictures below show everyone hard at work and all gathered together for a refreshing cup of tea and a hot cross bun.

Church cleaning in 2011 Church cleaning in 2011 Church cleaning in 2011

Bell repairs: During April 2011 the bearing on the second had to be replaced due to wear on one side. St Michael's Ringers provided some of the labour to reduce the overall costs whilst the Whitechapel Bell Foundry provided the skilled engineer to supervise the lifting of the bell from the frame and replacement of the actual bearing

The Bell frame Lifting the bell from the frame Changing the bearing

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