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     Website Copyright

St Michael's Church is a non-commercial organisation which depends on the stewardship giving, donations and bequests of its members and supporters in order to carry out Christ's mission. The funds that we raise are used (apart from covering our costs) to contribute to the work of the Church of England through the Parish Share, and to care for the spiritual and physical well-being of all through worship and outreach - in church, in the parish, and in the wider community.
Our website has been produced as the result of a great deal of voluntary effort, and we request that all visitors respect the copyright of this website.

     Photographic Copyright

Although the church owns many photographs, it does not necessarily own the copyright to those photos.  The British Institute of Professional Photography has stated in a guide to photographic copyright that
"In fact the law on copyright changed fundamentally with the passing of the 1988 Copyright, Designs & Patent Act. Before then it was the person or company who commissioned the photography who owned the copyright.  The photographer had no enduring rights to his own work.  The 1988 Act reversed the situation granting photographers the same rights as had long been enjoyed by authors, painters and other creative individuals.  The copyright of the photograph now belongs to the person who took it - the only exception being employed photographers, where it is his/her employer who owns the copyright unless they have a contractual agreement to the contrary."
We seek to identify the original photographer of each photograph that we can identify, so that we can request copyright waivers to display a scanned copy on this website.  Some older photographs do not contain the name of the photographer, and we may not otherwise have been able to identify the photographer.  If you can name the unidentified photographer of any of our photographs or if you can put us in touch with the current proven copyright holder, please let us know as soon as possible.
The following table represents the current state of our copyright investigations and agreements.
Photographer Meaning or Copyright Status

Not yet known We are aware of the existence of the corresponding photograph, but have been unable to locate (so far) a copy to identify the original photographer
Unknown We have located a copy of the original photograph, but there is no identification of the photographer. We ask all visitors to our website to assist with the identification of the photographer, so that we can seek a copyright waiver. In the meantime, we will scan and display the photograph. If the photographer becomes known, then we will seek to obtain a copyright waiver or withdraw the photograph, as appropriate or necessary.
St Michael's P.C.C. The Parochial Church Council of St Michael's Church, Tilehurst owns the copyright of these photographs in all formats. Private individuals may copy the pictures for use in their own limited-distribution, not-for-profit, printed documents royalty-free as long as the source is acknowledged. Inclusion of "www.stmichaeltilehurst.org.uk" in a legible typeface along one side of the picture is adequate. For all commercial and other uses contact the P.C.C. Secretary at pcc@stmichaeltilehurst.org.uk.

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