Past Churchwardens of St Michael's

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Two Churchwardens are elected for a term of one year at the Annual Vestry Meeting in March/April;  their formal term of office normally runs from the Archdeacon's Visitation (in May) until the Visitation in the following year.

Exceptionally, the Bishop or his agent may conduct a special ceremony to admit Churchwardens to office.

The Churchwardens Measure 2000 limited the continuous holding of the office of Churchwarden to a maximum of six consecutive years.

The dates below refer to the year of the Vestry Meeting at which the Churchwarden was elected.

The earlier details were obtained from an old minute book of Annual Vestry meetings.


Churchwarden Years Elected Churchwarden
Mr W.S.H. May1893 to 1895Mr J.H. Blagrave
Mr Charles Collins
(died May 1907)
1896 to 1898Mr W. Henderson
1899 to 1906Mr D. May
1907Mr E. Bunce
Col. G.H. Fiennes
(later Lord Saye & Sele)
1907 to 1912
Capt. J.H. Tyre RN1913 to 1915

Dr B.B. Hosford
1916 to 1922
1923 to 1924Mr S.C. Saxby
Alderman T. Mason
(except sometime in 1927-29)
1925Mr H.T. Barnett
1926Lt.Col. J.F. Hawkins
1927 to 1930Mr R.J. Richardson
(except part of 1930)
1931 to 1932Maj. C.C. Hardy
1933 to 1935Mr H. Goodyer
1936 to 1943Mr R.S. Payne
Mr A.J. Morton1944 to 1946Mr E.H. Langley
1947 to 1955Mr F.J. Barber
Mr P.C.W.G. Townend1956 to 1964
1965 to 1967Mr E.W.P.(Pat) Moriarty OBE
Mr H.T. Hopkins1968 to 1972
Mr L.H.(Len) Miles1973 to 1974Mr J.D.(John) Morgan
1975Mr H.F.(Harry) Lane

Mr E.J.(John) Hickman
1976 to 1977
1978Mr K.(Ken) Parker
Mrs A.(Anne) Early
(first female C/W)
1979 to 1980
1981Mr T.D.(Tom) Peel
Mr M.E.(Mike) Goom1982 to 1983
1984Mr C.R.(Colin) Cairns
Mrs R.(Rosemary) Cooper1985 to 1986
1987Mr R.M.(Bob) Horton
Mr N.A.R.(Nigel) Hawkes
(later the Revd Hawkes)
1988 to 1989
1990Miss S.M.(Sue) Handscomb
Mr D.E.(Duncan) White
(later the Revd White)
Mr G.B.(Gordon) Cooper1992 to 1993
1994 to 1995Mrs F.M.(Mary) Horton
Mr O.C.(Oliver) Jenks1996 to 1997
1998Mrs E.J.(Eileen) White
(resigned Feb 2000)
Miss S.M.(Sue) Handscomb
(resigned Feb 2000)
Mr J.G.(John) Stevenson2000 to 2001Mr C.R.(Colin) Cairns
2002 to 2003Mrs J.M.(Joan) Jenks
Mr A.(Alan) Rutter2004 to 2009
2006 to 2011Mrs D.(Diane) Morris
Mr M.E.(Mike) Goom2009 to 2011
2011 to 2014Mrs R.(Rosa) Bardwell
Mr R.(Roger) Toms2012 to 2015
2014 to Mrs S.(Sally) Cairns
Mr J.(John) Morris2015 to

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